Incorporate Marble Into Your Accessories And Décor

In the past few decades, marble has dropped by the wayside in interior design. Odds are that when you picture marble as a design element, you have images of large, cold rooms encased in floor-to-ceiling stone. Or, of the magnificent sculptures that adorn your Grandma's pristine living room. It's hardly convenient and sleek – or so you may think.

Marble has made a stylish comeback in the world of interior design. However, the key to keeping the trend fresh is using it in small doses – emphases and statement pieces – rather than in amounts that overwhelm the eye. In this instance, less is infinitely more.

If you want to be ahead of the hook, check out this list of ways to include marble in your interior design. We'll walk you through innovative ideas to use marble to give a classic touch to your décor while still staying modern.

Use Marble Columns To Portray Space

Open-concept living is becoming increasingly common. Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a spacious single-family home, this type of floor plan frees up the space and leaves it feeling less stuffy and confined. However, though your home may lack certain walls, you still need to portray the space in order to keep it looking organized. Let marble do the job.

Columns are, of course, the obvious solution. But, there's no need for them to look like they came straight out of a white telephone peculiarity. Choose columns with straight edges and relatively few embellishing touches to give the space a more streamlined feel.

Consider building a half-wall with columns that will separate spaces while still allowing the eye through all the way through the space.

Shape Marble as Part Of Your Walls Or Floors

The "or" part is key in this case. If both the walls and floors were covered in marble, the space might end up looking too stiff and cold. However, by just choosing one, you have the talent to tie just a touch of classical feel into the space while tying it in with more modern materials. Whichever detail you pick, there are a variety of ways to execute the design.

Consider adding marble to the backsplash in your kitchen or using marble as an alternative to classical wainscoting in your bathroom or dining room.

Add a pinch of marble to your living space by surrounding the room with a marble chair rail.

If you would rather add marble to the floor, the entrance is a great option since it is traditionally a more formal space. Add an artistic adornment to your dining room at a low cost by using marble to create a design that anchors your dining room table. Marble flooring could add a luxury touch to anyone's master bathroom.